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Theresa dankovich s the drinkable book, can purify water for drinking enough for one person for more than four years. The drinkable book has waterpurifying pages new atlas. Theresa dankovich, the drinkable book contains pages coated with silver nanoparticles that. Center for the environmental implications of nanotechnology duke university box 90287 121 hudson hall durham, nc 277080287 919 6605221. According to unicef, in 2015 there were 663 million people using unsafe drinking water.

There is an urgent need for cheap pointofuse methods to purify drinking water. Not only do over a billion people worldwide lack access to clean water, but most of those people do not have the education to understand the importance of clean drinking water and sanitary processes to ensure they lead healthy, full lives. The books pages contain silver nanoparticles and when dirty. Folia water the worlds first water filter for pennies. Access to improved drinking water is a luxury that 663 million people lack 2015 world health organization unicef joint monitoring project. Drinkable book promises to filter unclean water time. In the completely revised comprehensive guide to making tap and bottled water safer, youll find unbiased reporting on whats in your water and how to drink safely. Earlier in the year i come across an article for the drinkable book, this is an idea that i really like. Low cost paperbased method to purify drinking water. The silver nanoparticle filter paper technology in the drinkable book was invented by dr.

Theresa dankovich is cofounder and chief technical officer of folia water, a social enterprise seeking to provide clean, affordable drinking water worldwide and that produces the paper in the drinkable book. Inventing green theresa dankovich invented a bacteriakilling water filter that is made of biodegradable paper embedded with silver nanoparticles. Its the first ever manual that provides safe water, sanitation, and hygiene education all in one. This filterpaper, with the potential to improve the lives of millions, was invented by dr.

This product enables people to produce safe, clean, drinking water. The drinkable book purifies water for millions business insider. The drinkable book the safe water book theresa dankovich. She calls it the drinkable book tm, and each page is impregnated with bacteriakilling metal nanoparticles. The drinkable book and the safe water book are made with filter paper, which can convert polluted water into drinking water.

Cultured meat, drinking book among food tech innovations. Theresa dankovich was working on her doctorate in chemistry at mcgill university when she realized she could purify dirty water just by. The silver nanoparticles are deposited by the in situ reduction of silver nitrate on the cellulose fibers of an absorbent blotting paper sheet. The drinkable book can literally save your life discover magazine. Each page in the drinkable book is printed with instructions in local. Thats carnegie mellon chemist theresa dankovich, who created something called the drinkable book to help. The real housewives of new jersey star revealed the news on her social media accounts. Drinkable book filters filthy water and makes it safer to drink, researchers say. One book can provide a person clean drinking water for 4 years. Theresa dankovich a, 39 syracuse, ny background report.

Drinkable book combines sanitation manual and water filters. Theresa dankovich the latest number from the world health organization is 663 million people do not have access to clean drinking water, and because of that people will come down with waterborne. Drinkable book filters filthy water and makes it safer to drink. Could this drinkable book provide clean water to the. When dirty water is poured through the filter, safe drinking water comes out. This is the kind of book you dont want to put down. The drinking water book takes a levelheaded look at the serious issues surrounding americas drinking water supply. Bugkilling book pages clean murky drinking water bbc news. Theresa dankovich folia filters patent pending are made of thick paper embedded with silver nanoparticles, which are lethal to microbes. But for theresa dankovich 03, its an important chapter in helping the worlds 1. Bactericidal paper impregnated with silver nanoparticles. Thats the idea behind the drinkable book, developed by carnegie mellon university postdoc theresa dankovich. Recognising that silver is an effective antimicrobial, theresa dankovich from carnegie mellon university used the idea to launch the concept of.

The result is a revolutionary drinkable book, created by dr. Theresa dankovich is a carnegie mellon scientist who invented the page filter, a silvernanoparticlecoated paper water filter that kills 99. She created a simple technology design called the drinkable book. View theresa dankovich s profile on linkedin, the worlds largest professional community. The drinkable book in the brainchild of theresa dankovich, from carnegie mellon university in pittsburgh, who was researching a. The book the brainchild of dr theresa dankovich from carnegie mellon university is printed with special pages that filter out and kill bacteria, making contaminated water safe to drink. Each page of the book is printed with information that encourages safe water habits. Drinkable book turns dirty water clean for a thirsty world. The drinkable book science updates science netlinks. Eliminating waterborne bacteria with pages from the drinkable book could save lives.

Theresa dankovich was born on 02031981 and is 39 years old. A new invention promises to make dirty drinking water potable by filtering it through the pages of a book the drinkable book, which was presented monday at the american chemical society. Dankovich cofounded page drinking paper in 2014 to create. A book that not only contains information about clean drinking water printed on its pages, but the actual pages themselves can be. The drinkable book is both a water filter and an instruction manual for how and why to clean drinking water. Folia water filter the worlds first water filter for pennies, not dollars. Pour untreated water over a page from the book and silver nanoparticles embedded in it will kill nearly 100 percent of. Here youll find current best sellers in books, new releases in books, deals in books, kindle ebooks, audible audiobooks, and so much more. The book is the brainchild of theresa dankovich, who calls it the drinkable book. Each book is printed on technologically advanced filter paper. The drinkable book, by waterislife and dr teri dankovich. Assholes finish first by tucker max, looking for alaska by john green, the rum diary by hunter s.

In developing countries, many people have no choice but to drink contaminated water. Lemon2020 water is life drinkable book outdoor gold. Each of the thick pages is covered with clean drinking water tips, and can be torn out to act as a filter. Researcher creates drinkable book to facilitate access. The first ever manual that teaches safe water tips and serves as a tool to kill.

Why did this project come to mind on international womens day. You cant drink the drinkable book, and if you try to read it, youll see theres no plot. The book s pages contain unique technology, invented by chemist dr theresa dankovich, which can help decrease the bacteria count of contaminated drinking water by more than 99. Could this drinkable book provide clean water to the developing world. Gizmodo reports that the book s pages are coated with nanoparticles that purifies the water while the pages are printed with important water safety instructions in multiple languages. Theresa dankovich, a chemist and postdoctoral associate at carnegie mellon. When theresa dankovich began researching the sanitizing potential of silver nanoparticles in 2008, little did she know that her work would contribute to the drinkable book. The book is actually a filtration kit equipped with a filter box and a book with pages that offer sanitation advice and function as. Carnegie mellon researcher theresa dankovich is the creator of the drinking book, a combined instructional book and water filter. This breakthrough book about water safety can filter 4 years worth of clean water the drinkable book looks like a coffee table book, but its actually a fullon waterfiltration system.

Other names that theresa uses includes theresa a dankovitch and theresa a dankovich. Each page of the book can filter about 30 days worth of clean drinking water, and the whole book can last about four years. Theresa dankovich has been intensively studying this global problem and determined to find practical solutions. She is responsible for the drinkable book, with pages to tear out and use to turn raw sewage into safe drinking water. Its the first ever manual that provides safe water. I came across theresa dankovich s research and was. Theresa dankovich have developed and tested a book whose pages filter 99% of bacteria out of contaminated water samples and are looking to produce it for worldwide. Theresa dankovich from carnegie mellon, waterislife introduced the drinkable booktm. Could this drinkable book provide clean water to the developing. Eliminating waterborne bacteria with pages from the.

While studying the material properties of paper as a graduate student, theresa dankovich, ph. Theresa dankovich lemelson center for the study of. Drinkable book, water, drink, book, water is life, waterborne disease, silver nanoparticles, bacteria, filter, silver, theresa dankovich. Drinkable book could give millions access to clean water. This paper was created and shown to be highly antibacterial during dankovichs phd at mcgill university. Theresa dankovich have developed and tested a book whose pages filter 99% of bacteria out of contaminated water samples and are looking to. The book is actually a filtration kit equipped with a filter box and a book with pages that offer sanitation advice and function as filter sheets. Made up of antimicrobial filter paper containing silver nanoparticles, bacteria and viruses are killed and dirt and larger parasites are filtered out. Its both a guide of how and why you would need to clean your drinking water and also a means to do so, says theresa dankovich, the. According to theresa dankovich, postdoctoral researcher at carnegie mellon university who developed the drinkable book a page can clean up to 100 litere of drinking water and the entire book can filter one persons water needs for four years. Each of its pages is made from a thick sheet of paper impregnated with silver and. Drinkable book filters filthy water and makes it safer.

This paper was created and shown to be highly antibacterial during dankovich s phd at mcgill university. Check out this short video demonstrating how the drinkable book will have great impact in the developing world. See the complete profile on linkedin and discover theresa s. The page drinking paper patent pending is a thick paper filter embedded with silver nanoag, which are lethal for microbes. To combat the problem and to help educate about the dangers of unsafe water, waterislife teamed up with dr teri dankovich from carnegie mellon to create the drinkable book. Shots health news improving access to clean water can reduce the spread of diarrheal diseases in. By jonathan webb science reporter, bbc news, boston. Full video below important highlights about the book.

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