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At level 10, you have 25 dex the prerequisite dex level for a thief. Maplestory shadower guide after pepsibandit’s shadower guide level 10. About my build the nice thing about bandits third job is you have a lot of options. The thief might seem like an average brigand, but theres a kind heart behind that cunning mind. At the time of this writing i am a level 11x str chief bandit in bera gms. So open your hotkey setup by default the key, and look down in the tab for the monster collection button, drag it somewhere and make it a hotkey. While hed prefer to stick to robbing banks and running from the law, someones gotta save the world, and you might as well get paid for it. Thief is one of maplestory adventurerexplorer who has 2 subclasses which are assassin and bandit. Flash jump looks really fun to use, and i think they get around faster due to it.

Head back to thieves hideaway once youve reached lv 30, which is located at the cafe in kerning city. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Jan 16, 2006 well, id have to say that the chief bandit looks stronger, but i prefer the hermit. Thiefs cunning, passive, your cunning and training allow you to take full advantage of a weakened opponent.

Mastery book is required to master the skill to level 30. Global maplestory shadowers dead band of thieves youtube. Bandit uses dagger closecombat while assassin uses claw and throwing stars rangecombat. But i feel like in the past all the classes ive played were fun such as warrior, dexless thief, gunslinger. I realize that its something that is a personal choice. Maplestory and any related images and content are ed by nexon. Thief comprehensive shadower guide old school maplestory.

They could be named after their reputation, their appearance, or even their way of theft. With no army to back them, the six heroes fearlessly marched on the black mages fortress on victoria island. Well, this guide will show you how to begin, starting as a thief and leading into a bandit and beyond well, time to start our journey into bandithood. Did you even check my guide before saying that i didnt change it. Maplestory maplestory thief bandit chief bandit shadower thief can. Thieves are known for their high mobility, stealth and damage, as well as extremely high avoidability and accuracy. You may obtain information from mapletip for your own usage, however you should give credit to us. After talking to arec, head back to victoria island and talk to dark lord which. In this vid, its to display how awesome band of thieves were. Thieves and pirates adventurers, knights of cygnus, ultimate adventurers can get the union ring at level 70 80 for uas.

Pure bandit means maxing double stab, called ds from now on i might miss out on a couple, but these are the ones i think are important. Apr 29, 2018 im a ms1 player until 2004, i played only thief, and the bandit in ms2 really look like the ms1 one, but even worse. Looting books by mainly jewish owners, collections, and libraries was an effective way of stealing jewish memory and history, as this thorough work of research by swedish journalist and editor rydell attests. Jul, 2009 ive been reading guides about ap distribution for bandits, and something doesnt add up.

Im marty and have always been a fan of thief classes due to their stealth, spectacular and diverse skillset and high mobility, accuracy and avoidability, as well as decent damage output and fun gameplay in general. An erudite exploration of the systematic plundering of libraries and book collections by nazi invaders. Following m y guide, youll get a strong thieves, assaulter, and sb co m bination to use by early 8x faster than any other build. Indepth bandit guide mapletip forums maplestory discussions. There might be some minor errors when adding luk in the ap section. If i were u i would choose bandit cause when u become chief bandit u can have the move assaulter which can teleport through enemys. Their second job is bandit, their third job is chief bandit, and their fourth job is shadower.

Chief bandit skill band of thieves attack range increased. Deleted it might just be because i spent a long time as a chief bandit so i got really attached to all the third job skills but band of thieves is extremely important to me. For every 3 level ups from level 120, you get the same weapon scrolls. Next, find the door of dimension located at monkey swamp ii and itll bring you to the path of the. Hidden street is a fansite set up to provide cohesive and comprehensive information to maplestory gamers. Thief room can only be completed by hermitnight lorddual bladerchief banditshadowernight walker poke the objects till all broke use flash jump to go across the map and get the claw from the npc go back to the entrance and place the claw on the statue thief room is located on the bottom right of the statue stage 6 boss stage. Thieves are considered one of the most fun to play classes of maplestory. Maplestorythiefskills strategywiki, the video game walkthrough. Hell give you a letter and youve to pass it to the job advancement instructor near kerning city. Jun 28, 2012 rest in peace band of thieves, you will be missed the most. Dummies guide to thief 4th job skill book quest useful link. The nice thing about bandit s third job is you have a lot of options. Summons fellow bandits to attack a few monsters around the area.

Instead of following the dark lord, they obey lady syl, who believed the dark. After giving the letter, youll be given an errand to collect 30 dark marbles by defeating the monsters inside. How do i go about acquiring a bandit shield in reboot. Dual blades are rogue thieves who have strayed from their original path. This big update will give maplestory more class refinements and other new content. Once a thief, you should choose whether to use a claw or dagger. First you get to see what it takes to be a maplestory warrior, bowman, or thief, then a powerful early guild becomes the allies of justice which maple world was bruising for. Avenger looks cool too, and they have lots of money saving skills where the chief bandit has money using skills. The names rely on nicknames to create a bandit feel. Chakra, using your mp, can restore a certain percent of your hp. Sep 23, 2009 indepth bandit guide posted in works in progress. This guide is not intended for people new to maple story, and will cover alot of in depth topics about bandits.

Browse the official forums and chat with other maplestory 2 players here. Mapletip is a notforprofit website aimed at providing maplestory players the best possible information. About banditsbandits have low hp and relatively low mp in comparison to their mp cost. From what i know, thieves have the potential for one of the highest dps, but often times held back by player skill, or unfortunately, lag. Band of thieves 50 mp at max your first mob skill and its a very welcome one. The book thieves by anders rydell, henning koch kirkus.

Assassin or bandit maplestory forum neoseeker forums. At second, third, and fourth job advancement, they can get 60% weapon for attack scrolls. Theyre skilled at dodging attacks and are particularly fond of stealth, using their abilities to evade enemies or hide from them entirely. Maplestory submitted 7 years ago by boodead brutez3 okay guys i am trying to look up current guides to a chief bandit and it seems like nobody plays bandits anymore.

Hermit or chief bandit mapletip forums maplestory discussions. D before i say anything useful i must say i like typing on microsoft word for no apparent. When you become level 70, you can take the third job test and complete it, and enjoy a new skill book which will make you even more stronger than before. This poem is heroic verse from level 1040, and then it is about characters around the range of levels 60. Dual blade is a special branch of the thief explorer class. Why do i know that there will be more class refinements. If you can tell me your favorite class i would really. This guide is not intended for people new to maple story, and will cover alot of indepth topics about bandits.

Maplestory 3rd job thief chief bandit skills, skill build skill allocation with explanation. Basic attack 160%, 1 other self will attack enemies. Im far enough along to know that what i have done in the past has worked. Gms skill changes maplestory forum neoseeker forums. I havent played this game since 2008 can someone give me a guide to abilitys and skillk points for a shadower. With this variety in skills, your training options are vastly i m proved. The shadower is the fourth job advancement for chief bandits. November 24, 2011 max leave a comment go to comments almost immediately after the new entry in inkwells secret diary yesterday, the new skills for the thief and pirate jobs has been released to tespia. Level 18 thieves can still speedily deci m ate a m ob of ynp, zo m bies, hectors, or lucidas. Assassins use throwingstars and knives to deal high, singletarget damage, using their claws. Advertisements found in this site are to support server and related costs of maintaining this website. Aug 14, 2010 training spots for level 100 chief bandit. Maplestory bandit guide pc by biospark8000 gamefaqs. While out of sight, a thief can slip past baddies unnoticed, or get into position for a sneak attack.

Chief bandits are what bandits become after doing their third job advancement. Because on ms1, you could have theorically the best dps in the game, but only if you were rich mesos explosion skill, while other classes could do little less dps, but didnt have to burn their mesos. After talking to arec, head back to victoria island and talk to dark lord which is located in kerning city. Thief comprehensive shadower guide maplelegends forums. While aran held off the mages armies and evacuated fleeing civilians and phantom took to the sky in his airship to defend against the black mages air force, freud, mercedes, luminous and shade confronted the fiendish magician. As i progress i will update the guide, but i dont forsee many changes. This name generator will generate names fit for bandits, thieves, con artists, and other types of robbers. For more details on beginner skills, see maplestory beginnerskills. Nonetheless, thieves are considered one of the most fun to play classes of maplestory.

You have chosen to be a thief, specifically a bandit. Guide for thiefbanditchief banditshadower mapleroyals. Jul 15, 2012 thief is one of maplestory adventurerexplorer who has 2 subclasses which are assassin and bandit. I present to you the for maplelegends altered version of my shadower guide. Jun 20, 2010 thief bandit chief bandit shadower guide.

View all maplestory 3rd job questions and answers here. Adventurers basically wander the world looking for. The characters of the explorer note known as explorer in gms classes start the game as a beginner. These were the first classes in the game, and are thus the most basic in terms of skills and story. Also if i remember correctly, you can make a character who is dexless but is it worth it. Inspired designs on tshirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world.

The following is a list of skills an chief bandit can use. Since you will be needing mastery books to increase a skills. You have to register before you can post here, but registration is not required to view most content. Stopping thieves at level 18 will allow you to obtain a usable assaulter attack m uch earlier than if you finish thieves first and all the while you will have a powerful m ob attack to assist you while you are working on assaulter. Thief has the highest dodge rate among all maplestory classes, avoiding enemy attacks while dealing massive. Most of the common good ones were event exclusive, and the non event ones are gachapon only kanjhars can i acquire good bandit shields in this game or am i stuck with farming for wristguards. For maplestory on the pc, bandit guide by biospark8000. Sep 19, 2008 chief bandit has many unique attacking skills such as assaulter teleport and attack, meso guard similar to magic guard, meso bomb deals the most damage among all 3rd job skills, pickpocket that makes enemy drop meso while being hit and a mob skill, band of thieves that speeds up mob training. Im a ms1 player until 2004, i played only thief, and the bandit in ms2 really look like the ms1 one, but even worse.

Rest in peace band of thieves, you will be missed the most. Being a future thief, along with all classes, it should have the best roll possible, for said class. At higher levels, most things you train on will kill you in 2 3 hits normally. Ive been through countless of discussions about this on forums, and i wanted to make short guide. The names rely on nicknames to create a banditfeel. This patch is part of the three phases from the jump. Now that there is just such a wide selection its really hard for me to choose. Band of thieves has a mobbing capability, thus making encounters with mobs easier. After giving the letter, youll be given an errand to collect 30 dark marbles by. Aug 08, 2011 i realize that its something that is a personal choice. Meso guard is a wonderful skill designed to protect you from a great deal of damage, and death.

The beginning of the counterattack event has begun. Advertisments are used to pay for recurring costs associated with mapletip. Neoseeker forums pc games maplestory gms skill changes. Instead of following the dark lord, they obey lady syl, who believed the dark lord was responsible for the death of her father when in reality it was the balrog who had killed. Summons a dagger that exists in the secret gardens book ghost to deal a powerful bonus.

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