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Selection, training, and suitability for explosive ordnance. Nov, 2016 the air force hopes to have about 1,917 enlisted airmen retrain into 95 undermanned career fields, according to a nov. Analyze unknown munitions and explosives for intelligence agencies. Assigned to some of the most dangerous missions, they perform tactically harrowing and technically. A twoyear training pipeline transforms airmen into eod techs with nerves of steel. This website was formed to help all airman interested in retraining. United states of america armed forces patch with american flag in the background. I will be within 12 months of my deros in feb 2018. Air force stressed job listing the balance careers. Us air force command patches, military gifts and more at. The door gunner of a helicopter hh60 or the ac gunship has responsibilities and training that include inspection, maintenance, testing, as well as operating some of the fastest shooting weapons in the military. Discontinued politically correct squadron patch 04674h7. Procedures for selection, training, and suitability of explosive.

Air force communications agency scope able rtroutman air force communications agency gogletree air force contract maintenance center detachment 9 f4 flight test rtroutman. Show your military pride with the finest quality military patches, pins and gifts from all branches of the military. If retraining objectives for the fiscal year are not met through the voluntary phases, the air force will implement selective retraining. Dec 04, 2015 a highly specialized, unique training opportunity for explosive ordinance disposal personnel, created by eod educators at dobbins air base, ga. Amazing opportunities for travel and the learning of new skills. Implements server and special mission system security fixes, operating system patches, and. The overall objective of the retraining program is to balance the enlisted career force across all air force specialty codes afscs and ensure sustainability of career fields. Course summary the air force combat dive course teaches students diving fundamentals through open circuit self contained underwater breathing apparatus scuba training and closed circuit underwater breathing apparatus uba training.

Air force wants about 1,900 airmen to retrain into. Retraining into tacp shadowspear special operations. Airmen need to submit retraining packages before milpds. Aug 20, 20 the air force hopes airmen will retrain into those undermanned career fields as part of the fiscal 2014 noncommissioned officer retraining program, or ncorp. Mcnally applied for retraining and qualified for his first choice explosive ordnance disposal technician.

Army eod can now wear their patch fulltime, a move that. What it takes to do one of the us air forces most dangerous jobs. Jun 25, 2019 the regulation which governs retraining for air force enlisted personnel is air force instruction 362626 airman retraining program. The eod career field is an volunteer force individuals must volunteer in accordance with 2all 1b through 25 designed to detect, locate, access, identify, diagnose, render safe, collect, and dispose of explosive ordnance eo to in. I would have went into paralegal from the get go but they had no jobs for a new enlistee. Trained to detect, disarm, detonate and dispose of explosive threats all over the world, eods are the specialists who bravely serve as the air force s bomb squad. I really like what ive heard about eod so far, and i am willing in fact hoping, to the bewilderment of my parents to be stationed in the middle east, however i am concerned about the danger of eod. Provide protection to the president, vice president and other dignitaries. Eligible activeduty firstterm airmen may choose from more than 1,400 approved retraining quotas in over 20 career fields for fiscal year 2018.

Feb 17, 2012 granted anyone can get put anywhere but i think the air force is the way to go. Thank you ahead of time and sorry if this violates any rules of this sub. Im applying to the eod program in the air force and ive been trying to do some research regarding the daily physical fitness routines and the academic portions. What happens if you dont get the job you want after you join the air force. Air force enlisted retraining program the balance careers. Its the job of air force special reconnaissance sr to provide it any place, any time. Anyone in here in the air force, af reserve, or air national. From there, its on to the 38week program held at the naval school of explosive ordnance disposal at eglin air force base in the steamy climes of florida. Air force career detail explosive ordnance disposal eod. A little about myself, i served in the usn for 6 yrs with a combat deployment to afgh.

Trained to detect, disarm, detonate and dispose of explosive threats all over the world, eods are the specialists who bravely serve as the air forces bomb squad. Retraining also provides a means to return disqualified airmen to a productive status. Eod, air force, army, military patch, navy, marine, oefoif. Provides liaison to the af safety center for areas relating to eod. All about the airman education and commissioning program. Upon completion of the course, students are certified. Eod stepped into the limelight early in the global war on terror gwot. And this video is about the sere specialists in the u. Our high quality eod patches are professionally printed and perfect to sew onto backpacks, jackets and more to give them some unique personality. Aetc partners with multiple majcoms to create virtual aircraft maintenance hangars.

Air forces noncommissioned officer retraining program. What the recruiter never told you about education programs. Jobs in the air force are called air force specialty code afsc. I have all my letters, doing my interview this week, and after that im submitting. Whether they are dealing with criminal or terrorist devices or unexploded military munitions, explosive ordnance disposal eod personnel play a vital role in very dangerous situations.

Aug 03, 2015 an air force times analysis of eight years of promotion data showed the 20 air force specialty codes that consistently had the shortest average timeingrade. Air force explosive ordnance disposal technicians are experts who identify, render. The eod preliminary school was designed to filter out the best candidates to go on to the navy school explosive ordnance disposal at eglin afb. The official air force explosive ordnance disposal page developed by the air force civil engineer center afceccxd, tyndall air force base, florida. Explosive ordnance disposal eod handle explosives daily. Any info regarding air force eod schooltraining socnet.

In addition to the information found on this page, be sure to check out the af dive school web page for additional instructions. The retraining requirements are waived for post company command eod. Sere stands for survival, evasion, resistance and escape. Department of the air force to consider military family support measures in future basing decisions. The air force enlisted retraining program can be divided into three major areas. Joint multinational task force counter ied task force troy military patch size. Air force patches from numbered 19999 organizations. Some careers in the air force will have different groupings of afscs, these are called special duty assignment a job outside your specialty but related in this case.

Learn about great opportunities for enlisted airmen, officers and health care professionals. Airman may extend their deors to fall into this window if approved by their chain of command. Oct 18, 2017 im actually an air force eod candidate right now not an actual eod tech yet. Students will see both courses run together concurrently without a break in instruction. Administratively, the air force dive school is divided into two separate courses. To find what jobs you qualify for, the air force breaks down your asvab subtest scores into groups known as qualification areas. Airmen who possess a secondary or additional afsc in a shortage skill are returned to those skills if in the best interest of the air force. Aug 19, 2017 i am an active duty e5 with just over 9 years in. Air force whose job it is to train other airmen how to survive anywhere in the world. Discontinued usaf 50th anniversary 1947 1997 04680h7. These special warfare airmen deploy by any means from airborne, maritime, or landbased platforms deep behind enemy lines to collect and exploit key information, develop targets, and tilt the. Importance of navy survival, evasion, resistance and escape training.

Sep 05, 2018 air force battlefield airmen to be renamed special warfare while there are lots of changes coming to the us air forces ground forces, known for the past 15 years as battlefield airmen, the most recognizable, is a name change. Us air force explosive ordnance disposal eod glassdoor. Ordnance disposal, and identifies air force explosive ordnance. Jun 01, 2008 in 2007, air force eod technicians responded to 8,153 calls including more than 3,000 for improvised explosives in afghanistan and iraq, conducting 44 percent of all eod missions in those. Air force eod is currently taking combat slots away from the army and navy eod teams and are currently doing more special operations missions than the navy is as well. Air force battlefield airmen to be renamed special warfare. However, the base i will be at when that window hits will not have the medical facilities required to perform a flight physical.

I was just wondering if there was any special requirements. United states air force office of special investigations. Conduct nuclear weapon response maintain equipment, technical data and vehicles. If youre a paralegal, and are one by retrain, do they accept anyone with a complete package or is it really hard to get into. After completion of navscoleod, you will don your eod badge the crab. I am army eod and my buddy is air force eod, and it seems like they get a whole lot more options besides deployments, bc eod goes to afghanistan 90% of the time now as far as his job, training, certification and overall leadership capabilities. Find us air force command patches, military gifts and more at.

I can always call my recruiter and add or subtract jobs, so this one ive left off for the time being. Its a good career field if you can make it through lots of pay benefits. Air force officials are encouraging regular air force airmen who are eligible to retrain in december to submit their completed retraining packages through the mypers website by nov. Us army air force patch has an embroidered white star with a red circle in the middle with gold wings.

Duke field focusing on preventative health conditioning. Provided are detailed, stepbystep instructions, references and firsthand experiences from other airmen who have completed the retraining process. Naval air station fort worth joint reserve base, texas explosive ordnance disposal technicians with the 301st fighter wing here took part in the first of a series of eod exercises billed as the largest in the world. This job requires dedication, attention to detail and the ability to function under pressure within the knowledge that. Afi 362626 airmen retraining program air force portal requires cac mypers requires cac air force jobs explained.

Explosive ordnance disposal soldiers are now permitted to wear their eod brassard fulltime the change was made in a memo signed by lt. It includes, but not limited to, numbered air forces, divisions, wings, groups, squadrons, flight and medical units hospitals, clinics, etc. What you need to know about active duty montgomery gi bill. Little rock afb squadrons cross the pacific, train with yokota ab airmen. Air force selects 1,184 in senior master sergeant promotion cycle. Eod flights are typically part of civil engineering squadrons. I am currently enlisted in the air force and not to happy with my job. While we are typically conventional forces, we execute a mission far outside typical af tasks, making us a middle ground between big af and higher speed forces. Eod technicians are a joy to work with and going to work feels more like going to be with friends than showing up to a job. To find what jobs you qualify for, the air force breaks down your asvab subtest scores into groups known as. Overseas personnel must apply for retraining 159 months prior to deros, and deros must fall into normal retraining window. Detect, identify, recover, disarm and dispose of unsafe explosives and ordnance. Air force explosive ordnance disposal home facebook. May 09, 2010 after swearing into the usaf and picking several jobs, ive been on the edge regarding eod.

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