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There are not many books out there on airguns, and a biggame airgun hunter or field target airgunner may also find the work worthwhile. There is a paddle behind the killzone, so that when the paddle is hit by a pellet the target falls. He lives with his family in upstate new york and competes in air rifle field target competitions when he can. The sport of wftf field target shooting is gaining huge support from all over the globe. Air rifle field target shooting has been around since 2007 at bcsa. If you hit the kz and the target falls over you score 1 point. Want to learn how to set up your scope to find the distance to your target. There are plenty of articles online explaining what parallax is and how to adjust it so i wont go through that here. Best air rifles for field target shooting air rifle. If you do not see the right target pistol or air rifle for. Shooting sports usa 7 competitive shooting books you. Forums field target field target talk field target rifle caddytote views. The first thing to do when setting up your scope for field target shooting is to be sure that your parallax is set up correctly. Hunter field target hft is a target shooting sport derived from air gun hunting shooting disciplines.

Apr 15, 2007 once again we are shooting in the garden with some new cans, more targets and even a pototoe. American airgun field target insights from usa shooters. National target single 10m air rifle target, red center 100 ct. Here i will cover some of those positions to give you an idea of how its done. It is mainly an outdoor sport practiced with air rifles equipped with optical sights. This book ist exclusively concerned with 10 metre shooting. The dedicated airgun range is located in the northeast corner of the facility, with parking available to the south, just 200 yards along the service road inside the property. Forums field target field target talk best scope for field target shooting views. Shooting targets from 8 to 55 yards with a large amount of standing. Please browse our list of air rifles specifically designed to help you take aim and hit the field target with every shot. The oldest airgun shooting competition in britain, first shot in 1906, was the brainchild of robert baden powel of the boy scouts fame and lord edmund, which makes it over. Field target ft shooting has transformed out of all recognition, into the flagship sport we see today. In sanctioned competitions, the same competition rule set is used around most of the world. For the official rules of the american and british field target association, visit their sites listed below.

The match director shall designate a sequence for shooting targets, by number, lefttoright, nearesttofarthest etc. Recommended airgun scopes optics here is our list of recommended airgun scopes air rifle optics. You can also take part in action target shooting or plink to your hearts content. Forums field target field target talk beginners guide to field target rangefinding views.

Competition target pistols and air rifles airgun depot. Whether you want to knock over cans with your friends or kids in the backyard, join a local field target club for some competitive shooting, or getting decked out for big game. Shortlisted in the category is the anschutz model 9015 field target. Our club was founded to promote airgun sporting events at the boerne shooting club, and more specifically to promote field target ft in the boerne surrounding areas. Airgun field target technique with mark bassett part 2 youtube.

Pin accurate, match standard pneumatics rule in this hitech world. Targets are placed in the field anywhere between 10 to 55 yards from a shooting station, simulating typical airgun hunting scenarios. Air rifle training and competition heinz reinkemeier. Statistics show you detailed information about your shooting. Airgun target shooting expert advice on airgun models. Match pistols are built for target shooting accuracy, as. Participation rates continue to grow year after year. Home recommended airguns and airgun accessories recommended airgun scopes optics.

To me it is fascinating to compare their prewar best to their immediate post war best. Mar 30, 2020 if you are in the market for a new airgun, take your pick from our list of the top 10 airguns for use in the field. Field target matches are held outdoors, with multiple targets engaged using. The competitive ar15 builders guide by glen zediker if you read this site often, you are no stranger to articles written by high power rifle expert and student of david tubb glen zediker.

This page contains information about the airgun field target competition, mostly as shot in america. Greg shirhall is hard air magazines field target editor. We contacted the american airgun field target association aafta and joined as the difta club. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. If youre serious about field target, hunting or target shooting, youll want to add this sidewheel to your accushot scope with side parallax. The targets have a circular hole in the faceplate killzone that may very from 38 to about 2 in diameter. Be sure to check out pyramyd air for all of your airgun gear. Broome county sportsmens association air rifle field target. The rules allow us to shoot from our chosen position, except for on designated lanes which may be forced positions such as kneeling or offhand. Adjustable objective lenses work fine but in the world of field target shooting anything that makes the job easier is a welcome addition to the shooters. Come and shoot a number of metal targets on a range of varied and interesting courses at our new home location in loughborough.

Pyramyd carries everything you need related to field target, airgun competitions, air rifle hunting, air pistol gear, gadgets and other cool things related to airgun. Though they remained in rastatt germany after ww2 all machinery and even the name diana was sold off to milbro. Aug 17, 2016 he also explains some important safety factors to consider when using an airgun. Sep 19, 2017 target pistols and target shooters part 4 part 3 part 2 part 1. Piston for springpiston air guns, and pcp for precharged pneumatic air guns. Gregs guide to field target shooting part one hard air magazine.

Field target is a hunting simulationairgun competition where you shoot at metal targets in the shapes of common small game quarry. Competitions are usually fired at self indicating steel targets placed between 9 to 50 m 9. It is awesome for me to have their flagship 58 and also their first 1952 50. When you combine the attributes and precision of formal bullseye shooting with the instant gratification of seeing targets falling, as in metallic silhouette shooting, and utilizing the unmarked distances used in 3d archery competition, and with matches set up in a natural hunting type environment, and having to take into account long distance.

Target pistols and target shooters part 4 airgun experience. The umarex octane air rifle features a reaxis gaspiston that can give you smoother cocking, smoother shooting, no recoil, no spring torque, and no spring fatigue, even if you leave it cocked for hours. In this book, like his many others, zediker goes beyond the basics and goes indepth to find out exactly what constitutes championshiplevel performance. Air arms ultimate sporter r tactical pcp air rifle. Promoting air rifle field target shooting in new zealand by encouraging appropriate conduct, safety, fairness and participation. Best scope for field target shooting airgun nation.

The most important rules to follow in any range or target shooting. This is the first of a multipart guide to field target shooting that will be published in ham over the coming months. Side wheel scopes for field target shooting equipment. Oct 31, 2011 indoor airguntarget shooting has a big following, in fact bell target shooting founded in the midlands at the turn of the 19th century, is the uks oldest indoor target sport. There is an especially limited literature on airgun field target shooting. Diana has had a rocky road given the war years gutting the company.

For the official rules of the american and british field target. Field target shooting for all who like airguns and field. We also added a 14 player tab if you would like to keep score when competing against your friends. Field target shooting is an exciting fun and challenging outdoor air gun sport. One of the unique aspects of ft competition is target rangefinding using parallax and optical. Knockover range and shooting targets for sale ebay. Field target matches are held outdoors, with multiple targets engaged using a variety of positions. Whether you are just beginning to test the waters of field target shooting or are a seasoned veteran, pyramyd air is here to help you find the perfect gun. The use of more than one airgun is not permitted during a course of fire, except in the event of malfunctioning equipment.

The popularity of high magnification scopes with sidewheel parallax adjustment has made the job of calculating the range to target much more achievable and certainly more userfriendly. A shot on a target out of sequence shall be recorded as a miss for the correct target in sequence. Check out these great deals and selection on competition target pistols and air rifles from the leading experts in airguns. Furnace mill has some fantastic airgun courses, including their famous hunter field target shooting course and.

New zealand airgun field target association home facebook. When you hit the yellow bullseye the target falls down. Does anyone out there know of any good rifle caddys or. We cut our first set of lanes on dec 7th, 2014 with an inaugural ft match scheduled for march 8, 2015. Home welsh airgun and field target association wales. He is also a regular contributor to shot business and shot daily. Here is a short video attempting to tell a bit about the fun sport of airgun field target. Dallas field target club matches are hosted by the elm fork shooting complex, 10751 luna rd, dallas, tx 75220. Hunter field target news newspapers books scholar jstor august 2014 learn how and when to remove this template. Select hit or miss, target size and shooting position. Save on scopes when buying one of our combo packages. Field target competition is one of the most challenging ways to test your shooting skills. Get the best deals on knockover range and shooting targets when you shop the largest online selection at. Apr 16, 2016 greg shirhall is hard air magazines field target editor.

Hitting the bullseye means different things for different targets. But in the end its all about having a great day shooting with your field target friends, sharing stories, laughing, teasing, poking, proding, and, oh yeah, shooting. Unlike any other shooting sport you can have regular conversations without having to speak above the roar of a firearm. Idaho airgun field target club an airgun club based in pocatello, idaho shooting field target, benchrest, sporting rifle, and bell target. It involves shooting at metal knockdown targets that have a scoring area called the kill zone kz. No shooting sport captivates airgunners as much as field target. In part 2 of his field target masterclass, welsh field target legend mark bertie bassett gives his step by step tips for success for all three. Beginners guide to field target rangefinding airgun nation. Online shopping for target shooting from a great selection at books store. And you can banish bunnies or get a pigeon for the pot too. Find the books you want all in one place and at prices youll love.

Any safe airgun of any configuration, shooting a single pellet. Introduction to air rifle shooting taoutdoors youtube. Singlepump precision match grade airguns deliver the most consistent muzzle velocity and are the most common type of airgun used in competitive shooting. Field target clubs across america american airgun field target association alabama east alabama hunter field target arizona airgunners of arizona. Competitive 10m air rifle and pistol shooting is simple in its design but takes a. This makes it the king gun for target shooting and arguably more effective for hunting as it gives you a much greater chance of a hit. Discover book depositorys huge selection of target shooting books online. Umarex octane air rifle is an excellent gun for target shooting and small game hunting. Any airgun declared unsafe to people andor property including targets by the match director will be barred from use. Started in great britain in 1980, field target was originally devised to mimic hunting scenarios. To buy any of our titles, please check out the descriptions below. If the wrong target was knocked over, it shall be reset and then shooting shall resume on the correct target in. To compete in hunter field target you need a super accurate air rifle, here we give you a selection of air rifles which are perfectly suited to the sport.

If you already have the particular model covered, ham airgun books will help you to make the most of your investment and enjoy every facet of owning and shooting them. In this airgun guide matt ellis from basc advises on the law, the models, pellets and scopes. Standard paper target competition with airguns is also served by an extremely limited. Jock elliotts writings have appeared in precision shooting, airgun illustrated, addictive airgunning, gungames, u. Field target shooting is the pinnacle of the target shooting world, it is a perfect sport for those people who love the complexity of setting up a rifle and scope to get the maximum level of accuracy. Because they tend to be quiet and dont have much recoil, they are great for introducing people to shooting. One of our founders made up trophies that resembled field targets. First post and replies last post by dave cole, 2 years ago. I like to know what you guys use for a field target scope. Whether you are an experienced shot looking for a new airgun or a beginner giving it a go for the very first time, follow the field s expert airgun guide. Field target ft shooting is a popular form of airgun competition worldwide, but many readers may be unfamiliar with this sport. Indoor airguntarget shooting has a big following, in fact bell target shooting founded in the midlands at the turn of the 19th century, is the uks oldest indoor target sport.

Now it includes 4 bullseye rings to increase the level of difficulty. Perhaps the key references on this special sub field of airgunning are airgun field target shooting by herridge and law 1989 and field airgun shooting by james marchington 1988. Gregs guide to field target shooting setting up your scope. Traditional targets feature a circular grid pattern, so you can easily gauge your shooting accuracy based on the distance your pellet was from the center. Add more fun to your airgun target shooting with the gamo interchangeable field target system. I have no clue if this was just one bad batch but i have very little options on. Introduction to air rifle shooting taoutdoors ta outdoors.

Airgun field target discussions, competitions, events, results. This article appears courtesy target shooter magazine from the uk field target ft and hunter field target hft airgun disciplines are popular outdoor shooting sports that simulate the challenges of hunting small game. Buying an air rifle for target shooting the airgun centre. The second annual great british shooting awards will soon be here and as we gear up for the prestigious event, were looking at the airgun of the year category. Thus, the american airgun field target association aafta was born in 1987 to manage the sport. Buy air gun field target shooting by herridge, les, law, ian, hughes, brian isbn. Hard air magazine does not sell these books directly. For all who like airguns and field target shooting. If you can help with content for this site, it would be greatly appreciated.

Some use air rifles to hunt without running afoul of local discharge ordinances. Field target is an outdoor field shooting sport shot with air guns. And follow our tip top advice on rabbit shooting airgunning for summer rabbits. Field target news newspapers books scholar jstor october 2015 learn how and when to remove this template. Field target legend james osborne shares some shooting tips.

The air rifle is the worlds most popular sport gun and the first olympic medals of a games are decided in this discipline. The intent of this guide is to provide parents, teachers, activity leaders and club leaders with information and guidance on the exciting world of bb gun and air gun shooting sports. American airgun field target association field target. Ssaa standard rules the ssaa standard rules cover common rules, including the protest and appeals. Field target clubs across america field target airgun.

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